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PluffyPluggs said:   Re:Re:UT LEADS NATION IN CRIME RATE   2010-2-12 9:36:27
learn to write, you illiterate hillbilly. Either that, or go back to moonshinin' with CRVol and the rest of your hillbilly friends.
bosgap said:   Re:UT LEADS NATION IN CRIME RATE   2010-1-21 11:19:26
ut doent lead nation in crime rate and the university has a zero tolerence policy on guns and dope ,i havent seen any other schools follow ut,s are preobally someno account dumb ars who has always pulled for whichever team wins.
CRVol said:   we already are really good little andrew...#8!!!   2010-1-20 11:3:49
andrewblakeh said:   UT LEADS NATION IN CRIME RATE   2010-1-18 18:51:30
Pearl is no "god" only a graduate or fan of ut would think ut it is still ok to dope up and carry around guns...they might really be good if they were sober
CRVol said:   Pearl is a God!!!   2009-2-16 7:24:52
Book IT!!!!!!!!!!
luv2spin32 said:   I will forever support Volunteer!!!   2007-3-3 15:22:9
i maybe in the heart of Texas but my love will forever be with Tennessee Vols!!!!
oltymeVol said:   oltymeVol   2006-3-11 22:0:20
Not only do we have a good Coach, but East TN is so starved for good basketball that we've only begun to rebuild!
Volunteers said:   We finally have a good coach   2006-1-9 8:40:30

wow! We're in top 10 now. impressive! I'm glad we finally got a good coach.
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